Rustproofing Treatment & Protection

Rustproofing Treatment New & Used Vehicles

Rust Alert!
EXPRESS AutoCare offers two of the most effective rust preventative treatments currently on the market, effective protection for both new and used vehicles.

Paraffin based treatment choice of color (ombre or black).
A high quality rustproofing coating, a liquid product which provides long-lasting protection, does not evaporate, odorless, virtually colorless, very fluid and don’t leak. Spreads on all metal surfaces. It repels moisture and seeps into crevices to provide a thin barrier against corrosion.

Approximate application times to protect vehicle an average of 45 minutes up to an hour.

Experts recommend rustproofing paraffin based treatment once every 12 months, in spring or fall. To protect the body and chassis of your car or van against costly repairs due to rust and corrosion.

3M Rubberized Coating

Permanent application, long-lasting protection 3M offers a rubberized coating resistant to stone chips. The product is flexible, dries quickly, can be painted and resists weather, stone chips and corrosion. The 3M rubberized coating provides rust protection and soundproofing properties.

Approximate application time to protect a vehicle is variable and an average of (12 hours for drying).

Trucks Bedliners

Sentry Bedliner (restores and protects). A permanent application is a revolutionary product and a long-lasting protection, a robust and durable truck bed coating. Sentry Bedliner Coating is a chemicals resistant, to most acids, gasoline, non-slip and provides protection against rust.

Can also protect almost all of your vehicle's accessories, rims, running boards, rocker panels, bumpers, trailer floors and other equipment.

Approximate application time to protect a truck bed is variable and an average of (24 hours for drying).

We Highly Recommend!

Vehicle bodywork neutralization before application. Degreasing and power washing engine compartment, undercarrage, fender pits and wheel contours.

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Processing Steps



A visual inspection to determine vehicle needs, in certain cases a recommendation for neutralization of the bodywork before application will be offered.


Drying and/or de-icing

In case of rain or snow, a large industrial dryers allow us to dry the vehicle to facilitate product application.



Product application with a high pressure spray gun so that it infiltrates areas that could not usually be reached and treated.


Hand Washing

Thoroughly hand wash and dry the exterior of the vehicle to remove any residue from the rust inhibitor.

Traitement Points

  • Engine Compartment

    - Front cover, frame and interior panels.
    - Engine compartment, surround and seams.
    - Headlights and electrical components area.

  • Body Parts

    - Front fenders and braces.
    - Door panels and posts.
    - Rear panels.
    - Rear trunk, hinge and trunk perimeter.
    - Rear lights and electrical components.

  • Undercarrage

    - Shock and strut tower
    - Wheel cage and undercarriage covers
    - Rocker panels & reinforcements.
    - Wheels and rear axle surround.
    - Trailer hitch and wiring.