Oil Change, Fluids & Filters

Engine Oil Change

This is the most important service for your vehicle because it can help your engine perform at its best. Motor Oil lubricates hundreds of the moving parts in your engine. This prevents parts from burning out before their normal life and helps cool the engine. The oil filter, on the other hand, removes dirt and contaminants in the oil. This way, only clean oil will move into the engine.

Mobil 1 Lube Express.

EXPRESS AutoCare is proud to announce its new Mobil 1 Lube Express Service. We listen to our customers. We have introduced the complete line of Mobil motor oils.

While you wait, when you perform an engine oil change at EXPRESS AutoCare or any other service, a Certified Technician will select the correct oil grade and viscosity as recommended by the manufacturer, then perform the oil change and filter replacement. In addition, you benefit from a courtesy check, including a visual inspection.

Most manufacturers recommend changing your engine oil every 3 months or 5 thousand kilometers (3,000 miles).

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This Service Included



Exterior lighting, belts, radiator, hoses, battery (cables and fasteners), windshield wiper blades, check and correct tire inflation pressure, top up fluids if necessary.


Oil & Filter

Oil change and filter replacement with a quality part approved by the manufacturer.


Air Filter

Removal and inspection of air filter element, replacing it as necessary.



Resetting On-Board computer or affixing next service label.

Expert Advice

  • Additional Requirements

    If you often operate your vehicle under one or more of the following conditions, please refer to the additional maintenance requirements below:

    1. Short trips of less than 5 km. or less than 8 km. when the temperature is below zero degrees celsius.

    2. Towing or driving in the mountains.

    3. Driving on dusty or muddy roads.

    - Replace the manual transmission, transfer case and differential oil every 24 months or 36,000km.

    - Replace the rear differential oil every 10,000km. (for trailer applications only).

  • Off-Road Driving

    If you operate a four-wheel drive vehicle, and have driven in deep sand, mud or water, you should immediately perform the additional maintenance services listed above.

    It is also necessary to replace the engine oil and filter as well as the transmission, transfer case and differential oil, in addition to adding grease.

    The air filter is the lungs of the car. It helps retain dust contained in the air. Its clogging will have an impact on the quality of air necessary for the combustion of fuel in the engine.

    Undercarrager washing, the importance of undercarrager washing of your vehicle with a high-pressure jet to remove salt, sludge, leaves and stones.

  • High Mileage Car

    Maintenance of older, high mileage vehicles.

    - Today's vehicles are generally capable of traveling more miles than previous generation cars and trucks, but the secret to true longevity remains the same: regular maintenance.

    - Make sure also make adjustments at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer. But above all, your high mileage engine needs regular oil changes.

    - As vehicles and their engines age, their moving parts can wear out and potentially need better lubricating protection.

    - And while your high-mileage engine will tolerate normal motor oil, it will perform better if you use an oil specifically formulated for high-mileage engines.